1. The bond & necessary equipments such as ruler, cutting machine, etc, must be available.

2. The product used for tiling word must be inspected once more.

3. The center point of the floor must be determined by drawing horizontal and longitudinal lines on the floor.

4. The area right angle will be measured first, and then the bond shall be applied on the first quarter of the floor.

5. The bond is continuously applied on the small parts of the floors, it is the best to apply about 0.3 to 0.45kg per one square meter.

6. Waiting during 20-30 minutes after applying the bond, the tiles shall be attached on the floor.

7. The edge of tiles must be kept far from the wall 1mm and the tiles must be pressed tightly on the floor surface.

8. During installation, fire should be kept far from the bond because the bond is combustible.

9. Because the bond is easy to dry, the surplus bond must be removed by using ancol or alkaline water.