International Exhibition VIETBUILD 07/2012


Time: 04/07 - 08/07/2012     Scale: 2200 Scale
 Improving & Transferring technology for vn Construction
 Phu Tho Indoors Sports Stadium – HCMC



PRODUCTS : Achievements and thorough development of Vietnam construction industry: 

1. Construction:

Introducing potential, achievements of organizations, enterprises specialized in building operation, testing quality of construction, production and supply of technological equipment in the fields of industrial construction, Civil construction, construction of irrigation, construction machinery mechanics, teams of engineers, architects, etc.

2. Consulting & architecture design: Introduction of potentials and collaboration capabilities of the organizations and enterprises in the fields of:

- Building design consulting, architectural design, interior and exterior design. 

- Consulting testing on quality of construction, consulting certification of construction quality.

 - Consulting expertise for quality of building materials, construction consultancy for national technical standards, testing criteria for buildings materials and norms of materials, manuals, etc.

- Consulting design and building with materials for green building, sustainable development based on international standards.

3. Real Estate:

- Introduction of investment projects on construction of industrial real estate, tourism real estate, commercial real estate of provinces, cities and localities throughout the country and multi-national corporations.

- Introducing industrial parks, residential areas, office buildings, resorts, tourist resorts, hotels, etc.

- Real estate trading floors.

- Products for sustainable houses, intelligent houses, etc.

4.     Building Materials:
- Products in the fields of building materials including cement, iron & steel, concrete beams, bricks, ceramics, tiles, colored proof tiles , paint and sealers, industrial colorings, chemicals in construction, equipment of water supply and drainage, solar heater, construction plastic, sound insulation materials, insulation, construction glass, tole and other types of roofing, structural steel, scaffolding, etc.
- Machinery, equipment and production technology of building materials, etc.

5. Interior & exterior decoration
- Fire-fighting equipment, network systems, electrical systems, fire alarm systems, security system, thief alarms, camera, locks of all types, etc.
- Interior and outdoor furniture including tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, refrigeration equipment, lighting, doors, sliding doors, windows, screen curtains, portable partitions, fans, kitchen equipment, sanitary ware, ceramics, carpets, handicrafts and fine art, paintings and statues, wallpaper, pool, flooring, sofa, books on design for construction, architecture, interior and exterior decoration, etc.

- Machines and technology for producing and processing interior and outdoor furniture.


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