Vietbuild 2012: Will not stop at booth 1350.


Vietbuild 2012: Will not stop at booth 1350.1350 units with 450 booths from 290 companies involved - that is the figure Vietbuild Organizing Committee launched during a press conference on Vietbuild Exhibition 2012, 20/3 in Hanoi. This figure is quite unexpected by the market and real estate construction, building materials is fairly quiet. However, as noted by reporters, the figure Construction will not stop there since right after the conference ends, there is a series of companies are lining up to register for this event continues.



VIETBUILD 2012, once again be held under the theme Building - Building Materials - Real Estate - Home decorating. 
According to Nguyen Dinh Hung - CEO JSC International Exhibition AFC: "The reason Vietbuild continue the integration
 of materials with real estate exhibition in this fair because the two areas that closely connected with each other, and 
the exhibition did not conceal desire to contribute their works to clear up the colors on a gloomy picture of the real estate 
and construction materials market today. "

According to Hung, the appearance of each term Vietbuild through exhibitions like "a thermometer" reflects the technological 
level of production materials. Thus VIETBUILD products on display at Hanoi in 2012 will be the sound insulation, thermal
 insulation, environmentally friendly and energy saving. A new feature that gives businesses can Vietbuild 2012 include the 
introduction of traditional materials but products are manufactured according to the latest technology, modern and different. 
It's brick manufacturing technology to sell plastic, concrete made from sand and sea salt concentrations 1.5 times normal, 
concrete reinforced with fiberglass, the products of nanotechnology applications production brings the features and advantages. 
And Vietbuild Hanoi Exhibition 2012 will be the first to introduce local solutions in urban parking lots. Hopefully this will be 
the "key" to create gravity with not only consumers, but to all enterprises management officials.

In 2012 Hanoi Vietbuild seminars and trade conferences, to promote the exchange and exchange of building materials companies 
will also be held. Besides, the exhibition will also be conducting awards VTOPBUILD - quality products at the construction industry.

Known Vietbuild 2012 Hanoi is not only a meeting place of the domestic companies that continue with the participation of many
foreign companies from China, America, Korea, Thailand ... This really is an opportunity for businesses materials as well as
consumers Vietnam market entry of innovative products and modern, and integrated receiver to experience international competition.

Told reporters on the sidelines Building news conference, said Nguyen Dinh Hung said: The success of the exhibition Vietbuild in 
the country, coming JSC International Exhibition AFC will push the introduction of the operational Exhibition of building materials 
enterprises from Vietnam to Cambodia a market scale, basically. On the AFC will have the support given within the fair to "wing" 
for promotional activities of the company making the product really well, appeal to the energy saving, eco-friendly field.
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