Conbuild Viet Nam 2011 – Unparalleled Platform | Unmatched Opportunities


Conbuild Viet Nam 2011 – UnparalleledPlatform | UnmatchedOpportunities. The main road to Vietnam’s robust, multi-billion dollar infrastructure market first goes through ConBuild Vietnam 2011.


Unparalleled Platform | Unmatched Opportunities

The main road to Vietnam’s robust, multi-billion dollar infrastructure market first goes through ConBuild Vietnam 2011.

Its huge success in the previous four years positions ConBuild Vietnam 2011 as the pre-eminent and trusted international platform for firms seeking unmatched opportunities in Vietnam’s booming building and construction sectors. 

ConBuild Vietnam 2011 will be a key conduit for expanded private sector participation in Vietnam’s infrastructure development, with projects worth about US$160 billion over the next 10 years, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Vietnam needs to build up to 5,000 kilometers of highways; from 300 to 400 kilometers of railways and dozens of seaports. It will invest billions of dollars in these massive and urgently essential infrastructure projects. 

Vietnam trusts in ConBuild Vietnam 2011 to help fuel this growth. 

This trust also justifies the trade fair’s well-earned reputation as the unparalleled quality platform where business deals have been made over the past four years. 

Business opportunities will again present themselves in ConBuild Vietnam 2011.

Prime Showcase for Construction and Building

ConBuild Vietnam is an internationally accredited building and construction showcase and market forum that offers countless opportunities and solutions

Working at the highest levels to benefit both exhibitors and visitors, ConBuild Vietnam is:


Relevant / International / Comprehensive / Informative


Comprehensive range of Indoor & Outdoor exhibits, state-of-the-art technologies, innovations, strategies and business opportunities


Benefit from parallel Conferences and Technical Presentations providing latest information of lucrative prospects and updates


The choice platform for investors / distributors seeking representation and for the international community to keep abreast of what's at the forefront.

Ho Chi Minh City: The Right City at the Right Time

ConBuild Vietnam 2011 will again be visited by large numbers of quality visitors from the public and private sectors, this time at Ho Chi Minh City, the hub of development in Southern Vietnam.


Government paying special attention on sustaining growth in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest and most dynamic urban area


Key player in Vietnam’s development with highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, three times higher than the country’s average


Infrastructure projects set for 2010 and 2011 alone worth over US$15 billion.

Public Private Partnership: More Business Opportunities

Public Private Partnership (PPP) has proven itself a viable method of raising the huge investments required to fund multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects in Vietnam. PPP remains attractive because it combines private sector financial, supervisory and administrative support for the public sector in areas such as construction, management and finance.


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