Domestic construction materials prevail (02/10/12)


Consumers tend to switch to using the building material products of the brand in the country

Real estate market freeze lasts, construction industry stagnated causing the output of the construction materials market difficulties. In this context, there are enterprises producing building materials in the country to come back and expand market share.


The building material products in countries with cheaper imported products, while ensuring quality and nice design
Surveys in many businesses and retail distribution of building materials in Hanoi showed that consumption of construction materials in general commodities in 2012 fell sharply compared to the previous year.
According to Nguyen Thi Phuong, representing Phuong Huyen Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in selling sanitary ware, tiles and interior decorative materials at 34 Cat Linh (Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam), the purchasing power has decreased by 50 % compared with the same period last year. Although this time start on the construction season, but very slow consumption of construction materials.
Phuong said, for the building ceramics products, people tend to switch to consumption of these products brand building materials in the country with nice design, good quality but price by 1/4, 1/5 compared to imported products. Floor tile products have cost 130,000 - 150,000 m2; sanitary equipment cost less than 1 million are tourists. These include the brand building ceramics are the most powerful on the market consumed as Prime, Picenza, Viglacera ... Meanwhile, the imported furniture brands which sell very well in the years ahead as Kohler, Toto falling into humid, gloomy.
A sales representative of the company, SELTA at 15 Cat Linh confirmed, consumer trends ceramic items built in 2012 mainly popular commodity prices.
Exchange with ĐTCK, a business representative of the Prime Group said, though the construction materials market in general are having trouble, but by choosing the right direction for products, aimed at the popular segment, should produce products of Prime consumption very good, the regular production line operating at full capacity.
Currently, the government of Prime distribution system across the country, with more than 110 major distributors, sales agents and 10,000. While many enterprises producing building materials sales are struggling, struggling to keep the distribution system, the new distributor is looking to Prime partnerships.
Prime has now become the leading firm in the field of manufacturing ceramic tiles in Vietnam when accounting for over 30% market share of the Vietnamese ceramic tiles (as market research report by AC Nielsen).
According ĐTCK


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